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My waders are leaking, what can I do?

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Leaking waders are a common problem, as many anglers will testify. Keeping the wearer dry when faced with cold, deep water is a difficult task.

If your waders are leaking there are a few possible solutions.

All waders we sell have at least a one year guarantee against manufacturing defects. Some companies offer a longer guarantee, so this is worth checking.

It's important to remember that manufacturing defects do not include wear and tear or accidental damage, for example pin holes, scratches or tears in the fabric, pulled or stretched seams or fabric damage caused by damp like mildew, mould or fungal spores. When carrying out an inspection, damage like this is usually easy to spot and any warranty claim would be unlikely to succeed. If there is any doubt, we can return the waders to the manufacturer for testing.

Many manufacturers offer a repair service for reasonable rates when the problem is outwith the guarantee so all is not lost.

If you would like to claim under warranty, get in touch with us and we will do what we can to help.

If you wish to repair the fault yourself, there are a number of products available on our site to help including special, flexible glues and wash in treatments. Just search on our site or contact our support team for advice.

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