My fishing rod has failed, what can I do?

The most common failure we see with fishing rods would be blank failure leading to a snapped section.

Modern carbon fibre rods are incredibly strong and lightweight, but they are prone to impact damage or abrasion which weakens the structure of the blank. Whilst a damaged rod may not fail immediately, the chances are it will fail at some point in the near future. It is likely this will happen at the most inconvenient time, ruining an expensive trip or a planned day out.

Accidental damage results from the mistreatment of the rod. Common examples include overloading the rod, dropping the rod onto rough ground when trying to land a fish, the blank making contact with a fly or lure during casting or even resting the rod against the edge of a boat which will score and scratch the blank. A more extreme, but surprisingly common accident would be to trap the rod in a car door or mirror when setting up for the day, easily done with just a moments lapse of concentration and expensive to resolve.

Damage as described above is clearly visible and can be in the form of chips, scores, scratches or wear on the blanks resin coating. When damage occurs, there are very few possibilities to repair the fault and it is often safer to replace the section rather than risk losing a fish.

The fishing rods we sell have a one year guarantee against manufacturing defects, many others have an extended warranty so this is worth considering. If there is any damage visible on the blank, we would consider this the most likely cause of the failure and a warranty claim would be highly unlikely. Many manufacturers offer replacement sections at a reasonable cost, even outwith warranty so it is worth getting in touch to enquire.

If the blank is in good condition, but the problem affects the cork or foam handle or even one of the rod eyes then it may be possible to repair this yourself. We sell many items which can be useful for DIY repairs including threads, glues and replacement eyes. There are also many specialist rod builders in the UK who may be able to assist, breathing new life into that old favourite rod.

Like any tools, fishing rods will benefit from your respect and care. Look after your fishing tackle and it will serve you reliably for many years and boost your enjoyment of your favourite sport.

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